Florida Falcons Land in the APDFL for 2022 Season

by Justin Moses

The APDFL is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the promotion and advancement of adult minor league football teams throughout the southeastern states. Our league will be comprised primarily of young men between the ages of 18 and 30 looking to obtain a second chance of reaching their college and/or professional football dreams. The APDFL will provide these athletes a place to improve their football skills and a platform to showcase their talents by attracting scouts from the collegiate and professional levels and by offering an outlet to those that otherwise would not have this option.

The APDFL is dedicated to being a developmental program to our players. It is our goal to help all members of our program advance to the next level by promoting our players, so they can reach their respected goals. Whether they are players out of high school still wishing to reach a strong collegiate program or a past college athlete trying to reach the professional levels, it is our goal to help them get there by working with scouting departments to give them their deserved opportunity.

The APDFL maintains contact with the JUCO, NCAA, Indoor League recruiters to assist exceptionally talented players in reaching their goal. We also have built an international relationship, which will assist our players in obtaining international contracts to play professional football abroad.

Why Bring Your Team To The APDFL?
1. The APDFL is governed by a board of directors consisting of a Commissioner, President and team Owners. Each Owner having a vote on all league decisions.
2. The APDFL will place emphasis on the quality and ethical conduct of each member team and it's leadership rather than the number of teams as members.
3. The APDFL will provide advanced agendas prior to all meetings listing items for discussion.
4. The APDFL will provide each league member with a professional web page that will link to and from the official league website.
5. The APDFL will provide each league member with two official league certified game balls to be present at each game.
6. The APDFL offers each league member discounted rates on team uniforms and football equipment through our athletic affiliations.
7. The APDFL will ensure that each league member travels no more than 4 hours away from their home field to participate in a regular season scheduled game unless previously requested.
8. The APDFL will provide communication to colleges, universities and professional football organizations regarding recruiting opportunities for APDFL players.
9. The APDFL will provide league wide scouting combines and pro-days for APDFL players.
10. The APDFL will provide league member owners with various payment options to ensure member fees are paid in full prior to season kick off.
11. The APDFL will report weekly outcomes to the national ranking affiliations on a weekly basis.
12. The APDFL will provide championship trophy to league champion, plaque to each conference champion, awards to each divisional winner along with various other league trophy's and awards.
13. The APDFL provides championship rings to returning championship winners (provided at championship teams home opener of the following season).
14. The APDFL will provide a championship weekend to include, but not limited to, owners meet and greet, awards banquet and Presidents Cup.