Falcons Announce Partnership With Johnson Athletic Scouting

by Justin Moses

FLORIDA FALCONS Announce Partnership With Johnson Athletic Scouting

Jacksonville, FL – The Florida Falcons (IAFL), has announced a partnership with Johnson Athletic Scouting (JAS) that will continue their successful track record in advancing players to the next level.

Johnson Athletic Scouting is based out of Atlanta, GA and provides advancement opportunities to athletes across the country at all levels. In addition, JAS will provide Falcon athletes not looking to go the college route, an additional source and opportunity for player advancement and paid professional contracts.

“We are always looking for opportunities for our athletes to advance to the next level no matter what that level may be. We believe that JAS’s resources and track record for assisting players in advancing to the next level, will be an additional benefit to our program.” stated Head Coach Justin Moses.

“We are excited to partner with the Florida Falcons and are looking forward to providing their players with an additional resource in advancing,” said Sean Johnson, Johnson Athletic Scouting owner. “We are confident that this partnership will allow the Florida Falcons to take their program to the next level.”

The Florida Falcons are entering their 9th season of play which kicks off March 2021 in the IAFL. The IAFL provides some of the nations top developmental football players, both college and non college eligible an opportunity to showcase their talent and skill on a National Stage. JAS will be tasked with working with athletes that have utilized their college eligibility and are now seeking to advance to the professional level.